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Almost in every subject, a gap has been established between previously introduced concepts and latest enhanced results. That’s why citation gains vital importance in the research world. It connects studies conducted in the previous era to the recent one.

Guide2Write is an organisation which provides a different kind of referencing help to students/researchers around the globe. The primary purpose of is to propose various methods of citation in every field of education.

Internationally recognized institutes define some of the citation rules and standards. Generally, in writing, these rules and standards of citation for literature references are being followed which relate the recent research findings to past studies. But most of the academician and institution advise their research fellows to develop the pre-defined methods of citation. While there are some institutes of technical learning courses, which follow only their prescribed plan of citation. This practice does not mean that the standard of the internationally recognized citations is not reliable but due to technicality and nature of the work practice. The agenda of the citation is to bring the rationality and produce quality writing.

Understand Referencing?

Referencing is defined as a precise method to demonstrate a valid literature search that is already being carried out by some other author. When instructors allocate any writing piece of work to students, they request to cite the references as well. In student’s writing practice, referencing is considered as the authenticity of the writing. It indicates from which source the idea has been addressed. It supports the credibility of the prescribed argument(s).

Importance of Referencing

Referencing allows any writer to cite credit and acknowledge other researchers contribution to their work. Referencing is important because:

  • It supports the written argument
  • Assertions to discussed claim in writing
  • Prevail credit to the previous author
  • Validate the case

Why is Citation Necessary?

Referencing allow the reader to trace the evidence of source, i.e., from where the particular idea or information has been extracted. Another writing material like stories, general thoughts and lab research works, referencing is considered mandatory.

When Do You Reference?

A citation is necessary when an argument is about the specific fact, event or idea. A legit source helps to justify it very well. Furthermore, it provides validity to the addressed statement. The concept might be acknowledged any information from the journal, newspaper, books, electronic source (websites), forums, magazine etc. In fact, authors are accustomed to referencing any diagram and chart they feel essential for their project and copy from other sources.