Role of Project Manager In Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is considered as one of the trending careers these days. More and more individuals are learning and exploring this field of study for pursuing a successful career. Research suggests that the demand for business intelligence managers and the analyst will surge up to 26% till the year 2026. Just like artificial intelligence is… Read More »

The Best Academic Service Experience I Ever Had

Hey Everyone! My name is Amanda Jerelyn and being an Environmental Engineering student, I, find it challenging to keep my grades consistent. I pushed myself beyond limits, trying to meet all the requirements but failing miserably. As I was a student who was also working to make both ends meet, I literally was unable to… Read More »

An Approach to Lift Your Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing strategies are used to get more traffic to your site, lead generation, promote your product and services, and generate revenue. There are hundreds of tactics used to promote content and making marketing plans. However, they are only useful when a marketer knows how to implement the right strategy for the right time. By… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence as Smart Writing – A Technology Drive

A decade ago, it was impossible to imagine a computer imitating creativity in human writing. However, with the emergence of AI, nothing seems to be impossible today. In 2016, Hitoshi Matsubara and his team created AI software that successfully written a novel named “the day a computer writes a novel.” The writing may not be… Read More »

Analyse Your Skills before Diving Into the Business Sector

Turning a passion into a successful business is not an easy task. Evolving a startup business into a thriving enterprise needs more than desire, it needs a set of skills to overcome obstacles, manage finances, recruit workforce and manage things with resilience. 70% of the startups fail because their entrepreneurs are unable to transform their… Read More »

Journaling: A Sentence A Day Can Keep You Happier Than Ever

Keeping your feeling inside may lead you to feel exhausted and depressed all the time. You may know precisely what you want in our life, but you cannot get there even after trying hard. Sometimes you just need to identify the solution that is right in front of your eyes by organizing your options and… Read More »

Virtual Assistants V/S In-house Employees: Who can Save Your Money?

With the growth of your business, you need more workforces to manage your tasks and projects. As you increase your capital investment, you find yourself in a situation where you require assistance to help you with your daily tasks. For this, you may have to face the challenges of recruitment. There is a variety of… Read More »

How Your Writing Can Help Empowering Women

Women empowerment is critical in many aspects of her own self and overall health of a nation. Women of today need to be self-worthy and have access to opportunities and resources just like men. She also asks for her rights to determine choices and channelize her resources. She can influence the direction of social change,… Read More »

A Complete Guide to Write For Your Mental Health Stability

Every one of us had kept a diary hidden under our mattress when we were teenagers. Our journal was our best friend to whom we confessed our first love, our crushes, our struggles, fears, and insecurities without being judged. It always felt good to get all of those feelings out of our head by writing… Read More »

Brief Introduction to Result Oriented & Process Oriented Approach

There are different kinds of people having different opinions on successful approaches. A team may have the same vision and is working to achieve the same goal, though every member of the team has a different approach to get the work done. Top-level managers and employees that may work under the same roof differ in… Read More »