Simple Trick to Manage Harvard Citation Method

Harvard referencing (Parenthetical referencing) is another popular citation style in which partial citations or in-text citation with the author-date system has been used. It mainly consists of last name of author and publication year (directly quoted page number) embedded in the text with round brackets.

In-text citation:

It consists for the most of the writer’s last name and the publication year (and page numbers if it is specifically cited) in round brackets set inside the text. If there is no apparent author, the title and date are used.

For in-text reference of your work, first, enter the reference material and then place the author’s surname with the year of publication in brackets.

If there is a single sentence, then put it in double quotations mark.

If there is a double sentence, then do not put it in double quotation mark. It is better to place in a new line with an entire quote and in-text reference.

There is some expressive and institutional variation, Harvard usually follows the format specified in this guide.

  • Books
  • Articles
  • Online Sources
  • Images/Visual Mediums
  • Other Source Types

1. Books

Last Name of Author, First Initial. (Publication Year). Book Title. Edition of Book (if its not the first one). Publication City: Publishing Agency or Publisher’s Name.

Example: David, G. (2014). A History of Toffees. Birmingham: Delightful Publications.

2. Articles

Last Name of Writer, First Initials. (Year Published On). Title of Article. Journal name, Volume Number (Issue Number), Page/s.

Example: Jenin, P. (1999). Unusual foods and Cantonese items. Pure Journal, Volume 2 (5), pp. 42-49.

3. Online Sources

Ascertaining the credit of the website is ethically necessary while citing a site. The written article might be a property of an individual writer or own by any magazine or newspaper company. Therefore, if the online published write up extracted from the online source of a big organization, then the reference must show the corporation (website) name.

Author or Source if no author specified (Publishing Year). Web Document Title. [online]. (Last update date: if it is available). Accessible at: URL [Your accessing date: Day/Month/Year].

Example: BeautyTips (2015). Supertips For a Perfect Beauty. [online]. (Last updated 30 May 2016). Available at: [Accessed 10 June 2017].

4. Video or Films

Complete Title of Video/DVD/Film. Year of it’s release. [Type or medium]. Director. Country of Movie Maker: Maker or Studio name. (Any additional information).

Example: A Best Canteen in The World. (2012). [Film]. Directed by K. Herbal. U.K: doodle Studios.

5. Other Source Types

Organization or author. (Year of Publication). Complete title of the report. Place of the Publication: Publisher’s Name.

Example: Wolks wegan. (2013). A summary on the yearly sales of 1 part for 100. Germany: G&K Publications.