Method of Referencing an Image / Photo / Table / Artwork

While citing an online image or photo following information is required:

  • Photographer
  • Year of Publication
  • Title/description
  • Format(image/video./table etc)
  • URL
  • Date of access


Let following be the information given,

  • Photographer: F Photographer
  • Year of Publication:2016
  • Title/Description: Gear Machine
  • Format: Image
  • URL:
  • Date of Access: 23rd Aug 2018

Different citation styles manage the given information as follows,


TEMPLATE: Last name, First initial. OR Corporate Author. (Year published). Title/description. [format] Available at: URL [Accessed Day Mo. Year].

Photographer, F. (2016). Gear Machine. [image] Available at: [Accessed 23 Aug. 2018].


TEMPLATE: Photographer, Initial(s). (Photographer). (Year, Month Day of Publication). Title of photograph [Digital image]. Retrieved from URL

Photographer, F. (Photographer). (2016). Gear Machine [Digital Image]. Retrieved from


TEMPLATE: Author’s Last name, Author’s Initial(s)., ‘Title’, Year of Publication, [online photograph], Website URL, (accessed day month year).

Photographer, F., ‘Gear Machine’, 2016, [online photograph],, (accessed 23 August 2018).


TEMPLATE: Author Surname Author Initial. Title.; Year Published. Available at: http://Website URL. Accessed Month day, year.

Photographer F. Gear Machine.; 2016. Available at: Accessed August 23, 2018.


TEMPLATE: Author Surname, Author Forename. Year Published. Title. Format. http://Website URL.

Photographer, F. 2016. Gear Machine. Image.


TEMPLATE: [Creator] First Name Last Name, Title of Work, Date created, Medium of work, Institution or Collection holding work. 2nd container details [Database/Website Name], Collection identifier number [if available] or URL.

F Photographer, Gear Machine, 2016, Online Image, [Example 123],


TEMPLATE: Author Surname Author Initial. Title [Internet]. Year Published [cited Date Accessed]. Available from: http://Website URL

Photographer F. Gear Machine [Internet]. 2016 [cited 23 August 2018]. Available from:


TEMPLATE: A. Author, “Document title,”Webpage name, Source/production information, Date of internet publication. [Format]. Available: internet address. [Accessed: day-Mon-year].

F. Photographer, “Gear Machine,”Example 123, 2016. [Image]. Available: [Accessed: 23-Aug-2018].


TEMPLATE: Author Surname, Author Forename. Title. Format, Year Published. Accessed Date. http://Website URL.

Author, E. Gear Machine. Image, 2016. Accessed August 23, 2018.