Adopt The Accurate Rules Of Turabian Citation Style

Turabian or Chicago referencing is credited to a well-known lady of University of Chicago named Kate Larimore Turabian (1893–1987). For more than 30 years she was secretary of the academic thesis, term papers, and dissertation at the University of Chicago. Kate Larimore Turabian was known for her writing skills. When she joined the University of Chicago, she designed a pamphlet for students describing the writing style and pattern for college dissertation and paperwork. The brochure was so well organized, that it becomes like a “Manual for Writers” for academic writing. Even nine million copies were sold out. Most of the old age authors called it “The Student’s Guide for Writing College Papers.” Kate enforced the standard at its highest so that it flourished beyond the walls of Chicago. For the substantive standard of the Dissertation University of Chicago always insisted the students follow the instructions strictly and cite the references in accordance manner. As there is no specified area of study defined that contribute Turabian referencing style but mostly it covers below documents at university and college level:

  • Dissertation Writing
  • Term Papers
  • Departmental Assignments
  • Research Papers

There are two core parts of Turabian style while citing any reference in research. Firstly its bibliography notes and the second one is the author name and date.

Bibliography notes are widely accepted in literature, art, and history in humanity. In such a way, the footnotes or endnotes will be written at each page of study. Each note of bibliography will link the subscript number to the written text and its reference. This method is very flexible, and the reader finds no difficulty to trace the reference source.

The second part, author name, and date broadly cited in natural sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences. This system follows the author last name and year of publication in parenthesis. Each citation will link to full reference at the end of the document.

Once all the footnotes or endnotes are enclosed, the last stage is to set the final references at the end of the document in alphabetical order.

Following example illustrate the bibliography notes which will be placed at her end of each page reference:

  1. Kitmura Kati, A Similar study of behavior (New York, 2017), 15.
  2. Kinn jones, Succession, 15–32.
  3. Husler and Millero, Modern economy, 87.

For author and date, it will follow below method within paragraph writing.

Kati, 2017. Described in a case named “A Similar Study” that…

Jones, 2015-2017. Leadership style plays…

A full reference of above information will be written as follows.

Kitmura, Kati. 2017. “A similar study of behavior.”15 : Graywolf Press.

Hao-Hun, and Petu Philiph, “Excessive use drugs in anger, a study of behavior, 2000–2010;” Journal of Humanities, no. 1 (Spring 2011): 9–10.