MLA Referencing Method Awareness

MLA is a short form of Modern language association, which was founded in 1883. Initially, this style was widely used for referencing in academic teaching practices. This American organization publishes a different kind of articles and publications around the globe. In various countries, different authors have their permanent membership for academic citation help and publishing their latest research work.

In the modern era of studies, research areas are expanding more beyond imagination for specific results. Various educational institute, and research labs, advice students to follow the instructed guideline of reference. The University of Western Australia is also one of the institutions refer “Modern Language Association” (MLA) referencing style to their students for citation. MLA referencing style is commonly followed when the study of research belongs to one of the below points;

  • Liberal Art
  • Humanities
  • Communication
  • Linguistics
  • Studying Media
  • Philosophy
  • Religions Study
  • History

MLA brings consistency and establishes the scholarly connection in research. It published many handbook editions based on referencing for guiding the right format. The latest one is the 8th edition handbook, which was published in April 2016. The manual gives all the details about the referencing, rules and standards followed by MLA, a structure for MLA format, and author guidelines for their specific research area.

For better understanding, while citing any specific paper or article, cover mentioned below points:

  • Author.
    It’s the name of the researcher. If there is more than one other, then a comma will be used with the last name of each author.
  • Title.
    It is the chosen topic of the research.
  • Version.
    It will define the published version of the research publication.
  • Number.
    Most of the research journals use different numbers of different editions.
  • Publisher.
    This is most important to mention, which give accurate information to help find the referenced material.
  • Locator.
    It clears the referenced material more visible and accurate.

Below is just an example of MLA referencing format. Suppose the research is carried out based on the topic “Modern study of ethnic power in job sector around the Asian market”, and now a researcher wants to cite this article in his/her own work.

For in-text citation, it is not necessary to address the title, such as Mr, Dr, etc. Just the second name can be referenced as, “Rebaca 217, defines the nature in her study‚Ķ”. The page number is must to be mentioned.

Full Reference format at the end of the document

Luna, Heli. “Modern study of ethnic power in job sector around the Asian market” Asian American Review, vol. 30, no. 3, 2016, pp. 451-76. EBSCOHost,