Style of Referencing a Website / Internet Source

While citing a website in your work, you will need the following information:

  • Author
  • Year of Publication
  • Page title
  • Website name
  • URL
  • Date of accessed


Let suppose below are the information from a website article:

  • Author: E Author
  • Year of Publication:2017
  • Page title: Fancy Nancy
  • Website Name: Example 123
  • Website URL:
  • Date of Accessed: 23rd Aug 2018

Each citation style put up the given information in their pattern as follows,


TEMPLATE: Last name, Author’s initial(s). (Year published). Page title. [online] Website name. Available at: URL [Accessed Day Mo. Year].

Author, E (2017). Fancy Nancy. [online] Example 123. Available at: www.example123/fancy.nancy/ [Accessed 23 Aug. 2018].


TEMPLATE: Author’s Last name, Author’s initial(s). (Year, Month Day published). Title of article or page. Retrieved from URL

Author, E. (2017). Fancy Nancy. Retrieved from:


TEMPLATE: Author Last name, Author Initial(s)., ‘Page Title’, Website URL, Year of Publication, (accessed day month year).

Author, E., ‘Fancy Nancy’,, 2017, (accessed 23 August 2018).


TEMPLATE: Author Surname Author Initial. Title.  Year Published. Available at: http://Website URL. Accessed Month Day, Year.

Author E. Fancy Nancy. 2017. Available at: Accessed August 23, 2018.


TEMPLATE: Author Surname, Author Forename. Year Published. ‘Title’. http://Website URL.

Author, E. 2017. ‘Fancy Nancy’.


TEMPLATE: Author(s) (the first author uses last name-first name format, and subsequent authors use first name-last name format). ‘Page title’. Name of the internet site, Publisher information, date posted/of last update, URL/DOI. Date of access (optional).

Author E. ‘Fancy Nancy’. Example 123, 2017, Accessed 23 August 2018.


TEMPLATE: Author Surname Author Initial. Title [Internet]. Year Published [cited Date Accessed]. Available from: http://Website URL

Author E. Fancy Nancy [Internet]. 2017[cited 23 August 2018]. Available from: http://


TEMPLATE: Author Initial.  Author Surname, ‘Title’, Year Published. [Online]. Available: http://Website URL. [Accessed: day-Mon-year]

E. Author, ‘Fancy Nancy’, 2017. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 23-Aug-2018]


TEMPLATE: Author Surname, Author Forename. ‘Title’. Year Published. Accessed Date. http://Website URL.

Author, E. ‘Fancy Nancy’. 2017. Accessed August 23, 2018.