Journaling: A Sentence A Day Can Keep You Happier Than Ever

By | August 13, 2019

Keeping your feeling inside may lead you to feel exhausted and depressed all the time. You may know precisely what you want in our life, but you cannot get there even after trying hard. Sometimes you just need to identify the solution that is right in front of your eyes by organizing your options and prioritize them. Moreover, if it may feel realistic, it gets harder as the time passes and you start to give up.

Journaling can help you to fill the gap between your intentions and your possibilities. If you are unhappy, incongruent and dissatisfied, then you will surely regretful for your decisions and mentally exhausted. Writing about your feelings, especially negative ones help you to come out of your guilt and open the door of possibilities and opportunities that you may not have identified otherwise.

Your Need for a Transformative Habit

Life is hectic to focus on dozens of things to change. Still, a gradual resolution to keep things going and keeping track of them can help you to be more productive at work and in personal space as well. You will feel less stressed and more motivated and soon will become an entirely different person but with a positive approach.

For this, you need to acquire some positive habits that positively impact you with ignition and create a chain reaction of positive intuitions. Start writing a journal every day is the most tested way to keep you happier than ever.

How can journaling keep you happy?

1. Optimizes Your Creative Potential

Creative people live on their own terms. They focus on outputs instead of inputs and utilize their free time by their subconscious breakthroughs. They spend their days making spectacular crafts and creative bursts.

Hence, if you are among those creative freaks, then journaling can help you to keep your creative flows going. So stop scrolling to social media and Netflix and start documenting your creativity. Get yourself lost in the magical world of creative DIY projects you have always wanted to make.

2. Accelerates Your Ability to Manifest Your Goals

You can keep your journal to track down and schedule your to-do-list for every day. Review your achievements. By this, you will have the record of your vision and life goals. Over time, as you read and update your big picture, your objectives become forged into your subconscious that will eventually mold your dreams, and from your imaginations, you will effort to make them real.

3. Creates a Springboard for Daily Recovery

As mentioned above, lead your mind to focus on your goals and drive your sessions accordingly. Set your primary objective to turn off your mental work mode and unplug your stress by detaching from work. Review each day and document your progress to get stronger and recover from your illness with more potential towards a high-quality lifestyle.

4. Generates Clarity and Congruence

Journaling is powerful that lets you clear your vision to see incongruences in your life goals. Things will get transparent in front of you, and you will be able to decide what should be included in your like and what really needs to be removed from your life. Undoubtedly, journaling is the most beautiful facilitator to enlighten a powerful path of your self-discovery.

Moreover, it will improve your ability in decision making. You will be the only author of the storybook of your life, and you deserve to be happy. Create the power of crafting your life and design the desire of your entity.

5. Clears Your Emotions

Researchers have found that journals have proven to increase stability, better focus, reduce scatter, and empower you with a deeper level of learning. Also, it enables you to bridge up your inner thoughts over your outer events. You can detach yourself with negative vibes and let go of your memories. By all this, you can tackle your intense emotional mood.

However, intense emotional experiences can be crippling for days and even years. An inspired journal session can be your therapist and a way smarter to get over your grudges quickly. Journaling can help you with your mental stability more than you can ever imagine.

6. Ingrains Your Learning

We cannot remember everything every time. Mostly, we forget what we hear or read. But we can get back to everything, every time what we write. Documentation can help you to retain better. Writing creates essential pieces of information. The act of writing allows you to work out to your problems by training your subconscious in unique ways. Also, you will be able to intensify getting insights while pondering and document the things you learn.

7. Increases Your Gratitude

Writing shifts your bad mood in a subtle way towards gratitude.  When you start writing, you become more grateful for multiple things in life that have slipped to the back of your mind. Chambers of your thoughts start opening, and you put your pen down for a while appreciating the breathlessly captivating and unusual things in your life. By this, you will awe all of the brilliance and awesomeness you have in your life.

Gratitude journaling impacts your life with psychological, physical, and mental wellness. It makes you happier, healthier and develops your personality. Also, it makes you a magnet that people get attracted to. Having real gratitude makes you more optimistic by enhancing your spirituality, reducing materialism, and boosts your stamina.

8. Unfolds the Writer in You

You can become a good writer by journaling every day. Just write about your experiences, your mission-trips, your DIY crafts, your emotions, your unsaid things, and your untold stories and even about your inspirations. You will definitely fell in love with the process, and one day, you will become a writer of emotions.

It will provoke to get you into the discovery of your inner voice and clears your mind. Moreover, you will produce the best gems of your life by diving into the sea of your experiences.

9. Records Your Life History

After years of journaling, you will have your bookshelf filled with the most precious treasure of your life, created by yourself. You and your upcoming generations will cherish them by reliving those moments again with more intensity of love and care.

Other Benefits of Journaling

There are encounter d benefits of having a journal. These may include; healing your past, being honest with yourself, balances your emotions harmonizes your glory, strengthens your sense of your own self, and soothes your troubled memories.

Your journal can be your counselor without being judgmental. It reveals and tracks your emotional patterns, and you can see yourself as an essential connected being. By this, you will be able to improve your self-trust. You will bring your lofted soul together by mending relationships and having the wholeness with new perspectives.

Let’s start!

Journaling is one of the most essential things to do in pursuit to fill your life with positivity and your soul with excellence. If you do it effectively, it will entirely change your perspective of life. By this, you will become the person you want to be, and you will be able to design your life the way you want to spend it. Your peers will be happy with you, and you will be satisfied with them. All of this will lead you to be more productive, powerful, peaceful, and prosperous.