An Approach to Lift Your Content Marketing Strategies

By | September 1, 2019

Content marketing strategies are used to get more traffic to your site, lead generation, promote your product and services, and generate revenue. There are hundreds of tactics used to promote content and making marketing plans. However, they are only useful when a marketer knows how to implement the right strategy for the right time. By this, they are able to make a smart marketing strategy.

By understanding the basic concepts of content promotion, you can engage your targeted audiences well. Incorporating those ideas and implementing the right strategy can be a little tricky; hence, you will need to lift up your approach as a whole.

In this article, we have compiled ten ways to lift up your marketing strategy recommended by experts to help out with SEO, create brand awareness, recognition of your brand, and get you more potential customers.

1. Blogging

If you don’t have a blog on your site, then you don’t exist in the industry. Make your dead site alive and start blogging as your priority. This will not only increase your SEO but also give you recognition and drive more traffic to your website. It will benefit you in terms of your customer relationship as well. You need to write for SEO to make Google and readers both happy. Hence, search out what audiences want to read, create unique and engaging content, involve influential bloggers, and share content on social media weekly. This will get more eyeballs on your content that will ultimately lead to more sales.

2. EBooks

Your eBook should not be a formally written novel. It should be short, précised, and well-design to engage people. Provide your audiences with an exciting content that they starve for. It must be useful and authentic. You can offer your eBook as an incentive for signing up with you, by this you will have emails of your potential customers. Hire professional content writers and designers to create your masterpiece. Add visuals, bullets, references, stats, quotes, and useful links to back up your statements. Make it easy to read and to appeal. Also, update your content often so that your audiences don’t get bored.

3. V-logs

V-logs is the most successful way to get the audience to your site. Experts say that a 1-minute video is worth 2 billion words. This is because videos are easy to share; people love to watch them, and it is the most engaging way to connect with your lead generation. You can create an easy to digest video for your business in multiple ways. You can add animations, testimonials, how to’s, and there is so much to play. Think about your customers, analyze their needs, and then create a useful video for them. Check for their pain points, create a necessity, and offer a solution by showcasing the USPs of your product into a story.

4. Infographics

Infographics are the best way to make your content sharable and appealing. Gather factual data, including facts and figures, and design it to make stats understandable. When it comes to creating a sharable infographic, you need to create a storyline that connects people. Research is the best way to create an authentic infographic. You can also conduct a survey to get the right insight into customers, the latest trends, pain points, competitor activities, and gather possible data facts. Share it on your site, blogs, and social media.

5. Slide share

Slide share is the biggest platform after social media, with around 57 million users worldwide. It’s an ideal platform to share content and engage audiences. You can exhibit presentations, add infographics, PDFs, webinars, documents, and even videos to get traffic to your site and create a buzz. It is a sophisticated way to distribute useful content among professionals and establish your brand as a leader in your niche. Monitor your comments and consider feedbacks to create valuable opportunities for your business.

6. Social media

Social media is the fastest perfect way to showcase your brand’s personality and your company’s image. You need to make a practical strategy to get succeeded with social media marketing. Create unique posts and switch it up for different social media platforms. Make sharable posts, engage the customer in discussions, and connect more smartly with them. You can also join communities and groups to get in touch with relevant content to your customers. Start discussions; give a good pitch, and make a pool of your followers. Partner up with industry experts and chat online with them, inject your personality into plenty of humorous images to get those likes, comments, shares, and hashtag.

7. Email marketing

If your customer has signed up with you, then they surely want to hear from you. Provide them with the things they want to know. Don’t distribute a sales spiel; create useful content in the form of links, newsletters, blogs, and visuals. You can also engage them with contests, event invites, discount vouchers, and exclusive deals. To gather emails of your potential prospects, try adding a number of sign up buttons, popups, tabs, and links to your site. Make sure to give special welcome incentive to your customer for signing up to build confidence and start a valuable relationship. Avoid selling hard and make your email list useful.

8. Press Release

PR is used to create brand awareness, so it’s the best essence to put in your content marketing strategy to the right channel. Ideally, a press release is a unique yet professional way to get attention to the latest happening in your company. You can announce things like an award-winning, a product launch, a social event, new partnerships, and charity events depending upon the industry you work in. Try thinking outside of the box if things go wrong. Create a PR that people want to read and share it on your blogs, websites, social media, and publications to get the most of it.

9. Webinars

Hosting a well-organized webinar is an excellent way of marketing your content. Invite industry experts, along with your potential prospects and start a healthy discussion. Talk about your products, services, answer FAQs, get insights, give inspirations, and ask your clients for their reviews, and don’t expect tremendous feedback on your first pitch. Be realistic and set practical goals, and be ready for any unexpected situation whole recording. Hence, create exceptional content, record it, and post it on your website, social media even send it to your subscribers to reach a large number of audiences.

10. Testimonials

Testimonials are a valuable tool to build trust, establish confidence, and connecting emotionally with your customers. Real life stories and customer’s experience is a powerful way to communicate with your customers, build empathy, and convince your lead generation that your products and services are worth their time and money. Whenever you work with a client, ask them to give review feedback, and rate you on two to three essential parameters. Start posting them on your website, social media, and trusted reviews sites as well. Don’t get scared from negative feedback; take them an opportunity to improve.

Final Words

Tricks and tips are essential for lifting up your content marketing strategy; however, if you don’t use them well, they may be ineffective costing you time and money. Here you need to make a smart strategy and useful content. Use them smartly and get the most out of using the above ten ways!