How Your Writing Can Help Empowering Women

By | July 30, 2019

Women empowerment is critical in many aspects of her own self and overall health of a nation. Women of today need to be self-worthy and have access to opportunities and resources just like men. She also asks for her rights to determine choices and channelize her resources. She can influence the direction of social change, and she is more prone to create an economic order by playing her role internationally. Hence, in today’s world, global societies are focusing more on women empowerment; writing is a universal medium to promote it. It runs through planned initiatives, cultural pieces of literature and upgrading policies, especially in the developing and underdeveloped countries. Moreover, modern democracies are so much fascinated having an agenda of women empowerment publically.

Women empowerment has become more of a national commitment than a social issue globally. Stakeholders consider this as critical as building democratic, stable societies. They work for peace and humanity, safeguard human rights, addressing health issues, providing educational opportunities, making the world secure, development initiatives and resonating with the market economy. Many of them are continuously trying to bridge the gap between genders to build a stable and inclusive society.

Importance of women empowerment

Women empowerment enables the power within women over their society and their own lives. They feel empowered when they are able to get accessible opportunities without restrictions and entitled to take their decisions with ownership.

Writing for women empowerment helps to raise their status through educating them, raising awareness for social and moral issues, train them and equipped them enough so they can make a life-determining decision by getting through social problems.

Current scenario

Achieving gender equality through empowering women empowering is essential for our society to run a stable global stake. It ensures the sustainable development of states. Also, many global leaders have a different mindset and arguing statements upon the need for gender equality for the growth and development of the world. Various NGOs and NPOs acknowledge women empowerment as essential for social, economic and scientific growth. They look at it as a crucial factor to make women feel as important as men and making efforts to reshape the approach.

What restricts women empowerment?

Investing in the social issue like empowerment may set a transparent path for gender equality, increasing literacy rates, economic growth and eradication of poverty worldwide. Women are playing a significant role in changing environment and society. They are proving themselves as key agents for positive transformations leading to sustainable development.

Women contribute to a variety of paid and unpaid work. Also, they are more affected by discrimination, insecurities, low-wage incomes, and a minority of top-level designations. They have limited access to most policies and futuristic opportunities.

They also have limited access to major public sectors like education, credit, health care and are more aggravated by the food crisis. Empowering today’s women will ensure a better tomorrow, well-educated and sophisticatedly brought up generations that will be refined and lead to an overall productive economy.

How can writing help to empower women?

Acknowledging manpower and encouraging biasness will not be beneficial for the growth of society. A revolutionized social change cannot occur without gender equality, that why social activist agrees that empowering women will play a significant role in significant development and will benefit the morale of positivity.

1. Highlighting social issues

According to Shakespeare, most of the female characters have been portrayed as being manipulated. They are always presented as out-righted by masculine dominancy. Shakespeare’s writing had a definite notion of women. Highlighting social issues for empowerment through writing has interdependent dimensions. It can change the perspective of society by translating economic cultural and political needs of women.  This will give them the ability to influence future generations, and realize them with their self-worth universally.

2. Cleaning the moral image

Women have been treated as a chattel in many of the western and eastern societies. Japanese used to have mistresses, Chinese considered women as souls of devils, France terminated women as a half soul creature, and Arabs buried their daughter alive. Women were deprived of centuries before the advent of ISLAM worldwide. Men believed to be owners and treated women as pets or slaves.

The cleaning of the moral image of women is being revolutionized by challenging the ethics of narrow-minded chaos. People are pressured to believe in the superiority of both genders in different fields parallel. Both sexes are equally capable, and women have the expertise to deal with every scenario.

3. Breaking the ice sealing

In the world of digital advancements, to avoid a generation gap, women education is critical and vital to make her aware of technology and bridging the gap between mother and child. If the women are illiterate, she will not be able to raise a groomed child.

Educating women through writing will open up new horizons of establishments, let her take initiatives, broaden up her thinking and enhance her skills to develop new ideas. Also, it will give her the courage to cope up with challenges. She will have the freedom of expression by exploring top-level opportunities.

4. Encouraging the injured souls

Many NGOs are working exceptionally for increasing awareness and need of women empowerment. They work on a personal, national and international level to get bright ideas and transparent way-outs to help the injured and abused souls. They organize workshops and conferences; make sponsorships for developing and training of masses. They are contributing to the power of pen and social media to buzz the elimination of discrimination.

5. Forming a platform

Creating a platform like a specific newsletter, website bulletin or an international association in different states of the world have made it practical to gather women on a single platform and motivate them by guiding through the right paths. This has changed the status of women and provided them with the conceptual link to education, independence and self-worth.

Real-life examples

History is filled with many authentic examples of women who have demonstrated leadership and is witnessed to the tremendous skill set of greatness and excellence. Rani of Jhansi, Mother Teresa, Razia sultana, Indira Gandhi, Dr Ruth Phau, Eleanor Roosevelt, Alice walker, Malala Yousufzai, and there are uncounted names that have made legends inspiring millions.

Women have a gift of compassion, care, tenderness, and positivity of life. She has the tendency of bringing life to the world. To get women to the limelight, they need to get prerequisite for transformation. There is an evident rise of feminism noticed in male dominant society, and surprisingly being recognized on a large scale globally. We can see women working in every sector from health care to politics, and from education to security services. Hence, women should be encouraged to learn from every opportunity and lead the world to greatness.


Women have become an essential asset outside the home in every aspect of life. To accelerate this, significant attention and importance should be paid to the education and grooming of them. Also, highlighting socio-economic issues with psychological pain points and die-hard ethics should be conveyed and embossed to tackle problems easily.

Writing for this issue can create a strong determination, ownership, commitment and a rational outlook with a philanthropic motive to promote international rejuvenation of empowering women.